Monika Bandúrová

My services

Company advising. You may need help to establish a company, obtain permissions, make changes in the company, sell a share, merge or acquire another company, register a trade mark, to object administrative sanctions or avoid unfair competition.
Litigation. I have handled cases before courts both in Czech Republic and Slovakia and I have a real passion for fighting for your rights. Whether you need a single advice or a whole case to represent, I am ready to help you.
Executions. Did you get a letter referring to an execution? I have come across similar cases and helped clients to know their rights whether it is a public transport fine, late payments for services, penalties or real execution.
Monika Bandúrová
Real Estate. Are you buying a house or renting a flat? These issues need a focused approach and a special care.
Family issues involve a lot of feelings. Divorce, childcare, division of properties, heritage. I will help you get through all of these as smoothly as possible.

Labor law is different in every country. How are you supposed to know? Consult me to find out about the issues that may worry you in your professional life.

Criminal law. Do you need to report a crime or to know possible criminal consequences of any act? Ask for assistance.