Monika Bandúrová

Legal persons


It is strictly confidential to let others know that someone is your client. The following testimonials are therefore from those who consented.

"Monika helped us with a client that did not want to pay their debts. She prepared a letter that got the things moving and we got our money back.

In another case she gave us her opinion on a pending lawsuit we had. Her estimation on what were our chances of success helped us decide how to proceed. Looking back at it now, her advice saved us a lot of problems and money.”

ATK s. r. o., Bratislava

Accountings and taxes

Monika Bandúrová

Private individuals


„We were about to buy a house. We found one and paid a deposit to a real estate agency. However, later we discovered there was a problem no one told us about.

Therefore, we did not want to buy that house anymore and we wanted the deposit back. The real estate agency ignored us. Dr. Bandúrová explained us our options and fought for us. My partner is a foreigner and I appreciated that I did not have to translate for him as she speaks great English. When we were negotiating with the lawyer of the counterpart I was impressed by Dr. Bandúrová negotiation skills. Her arguments were tough and after two meetings the real estate agency gave us most of our money back.

Dr. Bandúrová prepared the contracts for another house we bought afterwards, where we live now.“


Mgr. Ing. Martina Burjanová, Brno